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How do I insert the instax film into my instax product?

After removing the film from the foil wrapper you will notice a small yellow stripe on the top right hand side of the cartridge. If you open your camera/printer back you will see the same yellow mark on the top right hand corner of the film compartment, simply align these two stripes and the film cartridge should slot in place easily. Never force the film into your product as this could damage the film and / or product.

Film jammed whilst ejecting from my camera

This would usually be due to low battery power as the majority of power would go into ejecting the film. So, whilst there may have been enough power to capture the image, the camera halted whilst pushing the film through the unit. Replace the batteries with the lens in the open position.

Can I take my film through airport X-Ray machines?

To prevent possible fogging of unexposed film during X-ray inspection of luggage at airports, it is recommended that all film and cameras loaded with film are carried as hand luggage and not transported in hold luggage. If facilities are available, then a manual hand search should be requested.

Why has my film not developed properly?

Once a picture has been taken it takes around 90 seconds to develop, during this time it is important you don’t crease, squeeze or shake the film. These types of actions can affect the distribution of film chemicals whilst the film is developing creating artefacts to your shots. Of course, some users do this to creative effect!

When I take a picture of the sun it develops as a black spot. Is my film faulty?

If you take images of a scene that has a very bright element such as the sun, it will overexpose that part of the film. This will result in a little black mark shown on the film. This is normal, but to avoid, do not shoot directly into the sun or bright light source. If you really want to capture the sun in your image or similar, you can try holding some sunglasses over the lens whilst shooting as this can help reduce the chance of overexposure.

My film is coming out blank/white, what’s the reason?

This is usually caused when the film door on the camera or printer has been opened after film has been loaded into the camera or printer.  Instant film is light sensitive, so should only be exposed to light when a picture is taken, not before. If this has happened, you may find that if you keep shooting with that pack of film the first few shots will come out blank but some of the remaining film should come out as normal. This will be as the film further back in the film cartridge did not get fully exposed to light. Obviously this will depend on how long and how intense the light was when the film was exposed.

What instax film formats work with each product?

instax mini film
instax mini 8
instax mini 9
instax mini 40
instax mini 70
instax mini 90
instax mini Link
instax SHARE SP-2

instax SQUARE film
instax SQUARE SQ6
instax SQUARE SQ10
instax SQUARE SQ20
instax SHARE SP-3

Instax WIDE film
instax WIDE 300