The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift? | instax Instant Photography

The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift?

Flowers or chocolates? Come on, you can be more imaginative than that! Fear not, we’re here to help with the ultimate Valentine’s gift that’ll keep on giving! By gifting your loved one with an instax mini 9, they’ll be able to capture special moments and treasure them forever. So, get ready to make like cupid, and get your crafting on!

What You’ll Need:

instax mini 9
instax film
gift box or two pieces of A1 card if you want to make your own (cut to 60x60cm and 57x57cm)
tissue paper
gift tag

If you’ve decided to create a gift box from scratch, we’ll show you how in the steps below.
If you’ve opted to buy one, then skip the next steps to see how you can fill your gift box.

How to Make a Gift Box

Take a piece of square card (60x60cm) and fold it in half by placing one corner on top of the opposite corner so that you’re left with a triangle.
Unfold the paper and then fold it in half again so that you have a triangle with a line running down its centre.

Unfold the paper and then use a pencil to draw a small a dot in the centre of the paper. Then fold each corner up to this dot and then unfold it back out.
Next fold one of the corner points to the fold line opposite it and repeat this for each point.
You’ll notice that the paper starts to have lots of evenly sized squares across it.
Then fold each point to the fold line directly in front of it and then unfold it back out.
Now your square piece of paper has triangles at each corner.

With one of the triangle points facing towards you, make a cut, two squares in length on either side of the first two squares.
Repeat this step for the corner opposite. You will now have made four cuts.
Take one of the two points that you didn’t cut through and fold the point over, then fold over again.
Fold the points either side of this inwards. Repeat the same steps with the opposite side.
If you now bring both of these sides inwards, you should see that the opposite points will slot into each other.
Don’t worry if they don’t stand in place, this is where the next step will help.
Take one of the remaining points and fold this over once, then lift this folded point and fold it over the two points that you have slotted into each other.

Repeat on the opposite side and the base of your box will be complete. As you can see, no adhesive is needed, but you can unfold the sides and add some tape if you wish to make it more secure.

Repeat the steps above with your smaller piece of card (57x57cm) to create the lid for the box.

Filling Your Gift Box

Once you’ve bought or created your gift box, you may want to add some decorations, or you can just keep it simple.
Now you’re ready to pack!
Fill your box with tissue paper and place your instax camera inside, removing it from its original box and keeping it somewhere safe for later.
Then add some film and any other goodies like chocolate or sweets.
Feel free to add in some sequins to make it extra special.
Fold the tissue paper over, or cover with an extra sheet.

Pop on the lid, wrap with ribbon and don’t forget to add a personalised gift tag!


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