Transform Your Student Digs

Top three interior hacks for your student/uni room

You’ve unpacked all your belongings but your new place just doesn’t feel like home yet – fish out your instax pictures and get creative! These ideas will have your student abode feeling all homely in no time!


instax prints displayed on fridge

What you’ll need:
-instax Photo Magnets

How to create:
Grab a pack of instax Photo Magnets.
Peel the back off a magnet, stick it to your favourite image and repeat.
Cover your fridge in memories!


instax prints hanging from string in student accommodation

What you’ll need:
-instax Magnetic Pegs and Twine

How to create
With the instax Magnetic Pegs and Twine kit you’ve got everything you need to display your favourite instax prints. Simply hang the twine and then peg up your images.
Alternatively attach your images to ribbon, different coloured string, or even fairy lights or bunting.
The back of the pegs are magnetic so they can be attached to your fridge too!


image displayed with pipe cleaner

What you’ll need:
-Pipe cleaners or wire
-Small/medium sized stone

How to create:

Wrap a pipe cleaner or piece of wire around your stone several times, making sure the stone will still sit flat.
Guide the rest of the wire upwards and then make a curl, or if you’re feeling nimble-fingered, another shape such as a heart, or star at the top. This is where your image will sit.
Slot your image into the wire curl and display.

If you need some ideas on what to shoot, here are some of our favourites:

The kit

mini film

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