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The instax SQUARE SQ10 just got EVEN better

As you may or may not know, the instax brand sits inside the very awesome Fujifilm corporation. And the good people at Fujifilm Japan have just launched a new firmware update to make your instax SQUARE SQ10 even better!

Our new favourite feature

So what has got us all excited?
For us, it has to be the new feature ‘Part Colour’. This mode lets you pick one colour from a choice of blue, yellow, red, purple, orange and green and then it only shows that colour in the image, everything else will be black & white. So you can get even more creative when making pictures with your SQ10 camera.

Here’s some great examples of Part Colour in action:


What else is new?

In addition to Part Colour, the digital wizards at Fujifilm Japan have added all these extra features too!

(1).Shorten the time from the start of autofocus to shooting (approx.30% faster).
(2).Edited images (such as Photoshop) can also be printed from ver. 2.0.
(3).Automatically switch from playback screen image mode to the shooting mode in a few seconds.
(4).A ‘Delete print history’ function has been added.
(5).Display the illustrations of auto printing setting when user switches the camera on.

How do I update my instax SQUARE SQ10 firmware?

It’s easy, just head over to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Have fun, and don’t forget to tag us in your amazing creations @instaxHQ


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