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Smartphone printing just got social AND it’s great!

If you thought printing pictures was a solo activity, then our new instax mini Link is about to prove you wrong!

This smartphone printer is super stylish and comes in Dusky Pink, Ash White and Dark Denim – it has its very own app (Apple / Android) that’s super social and allows you to do so much more than just printing pictures from your phone. Here’s why the instax mini Link is packed full of awesomeness!

You can put your friends to the test

Take the Match Test and find out which of your friends, family or work colleagues you’re most compatible with.
You and a loved one both take a quick quiz in secret (don’t let them peek!) and then when the instax film is printed your results will appear, just like magic!

Take videos and turn them into something EPIC

Shot a 🔥video? The instax mini link can turn your videos into prints, so you can grab individual moments or print a sequence of shots.

Squeeze all your BFFs into group shots

Fitting everyone into the pic can often mean awkward angles and struggling to fit everyone in, but with the instax mini Link you can set up your phone to take the shot, get into place and then trigger your phone by pressing the button on the mini Link (which you can hide behind your back so it doesn’t get in the shot).

You can get all creative and that! 😉

Add super cool frames to your pictures, make collages with 12 different layouts or even split a picture across multiple prints.

Get a little crazy with your mates

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you merged your friends’ faces together? Or what a dog would look like with cat’s legs?
Then check out the Party Print mode! You and up to five friends can create these epic collages in secret (only see the result when you print!), or you can collaborate.
Go wild and see what you’ll create!

Don’t forget to give!

If you’ve had fun with all of these features don’t forget to #Giveinstax! Using the mini Link’s motion controls, flip the printer upside down and hit the instax button to reprint and share your favourites, we know, awesome right!


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