Madagascar in the frame - Working with WaterAid | instax Instant Photography

Madagascar in the frame – Working with WaterAid

Since 2012, Fujifilm has partnered with WaterAid and has so far raised more than £500,000 for the amazing charity. That’s what got us thinking about how we could #Giveinstax to help share the stories of those that WaterAid is reaching in Madagascar.
WaterAid works within communities in Madagascar to engage people living there in projects which impact their lives for the better, helping them get access to basic needs such as clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

We wanted to help those people tell and share their own stories of what life with or without these basic needs can be like. So, we sent instax SQUARE SQ10 cameras to two of the remote villages WaterAid works in; Ambohimanatrika and Tsarafangitra. Not many of the people there have ever used a camera before, and most of them have no photographs of their own. Until now.



Ernest Randriarmalala, born in the outskirts of Madagascar’s capital, is one of WaterAid’s Voices from the Field officers working in these two villages. Ernest travels across the country all year round, using his photography and communication skills to help document people’s stories.

Part of Ernest’s role is to run workshops using instax SQUARE SQ10 cameras, allowing children in the villages to think visual and capture what community life is like from their own eyes. Ernest teaches them the basics of how to use their cameras before encouraging them to spot the perfect instax opportunity.
At the end of each workshop, children like 11-year-old Elyna and 9-year-old Faneva, below, reflect on their work and choose their favourite memories to print instantly and keep. Forever.

“Seeing their smiles and excitement is just amazing” – Ernest Randriarmalala

Ernest’s instax workshops have become an essential part of WaterAid’s work. It allows us, and the world, to see a fresh perspective from the eyes of those people that we and WaterAid have reached.
Though many of the children Ernest teaches have big dreams, very often they don’t have much hope about their futures. Many aspire to be farmers or laundry workers, just like their mothers and fathers. Having hands-on time with instax gives them a creative outlet – perhaps they might now aspire to be amazing photographers, just like Ernest.

“I hope we have inspired them that something more might be possible.” – Ernest Randriarmalala

We’re proud that by using instax, and with Ernest’s and WaterAid’s help, these children are empowered to tell their stories in their own way.

#DontJustTakeGive #Giveinstax

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