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Have Yourself An Instax Christmas

We love Christmas for so many reasons and one of those is that it’s a great opportunity to grab loads of instax shots of your friends and family all together! And who doesn’t also love the gifts, the food and the build-up? To put you in the festive mood we’ve got some DIY ideas on how to ‘instax’ your Christmas.


What you’ll need:
-Clear DIY 100mm baubles
-Festive string
-instax prints
-Shredded paper/tinsel

The DIY baubles need to measure 100mm or your instax prints won’t fit.

Gently open a bauble and place your instax print in one half and fill the other half with shredded paper/tinsel and then carefully fit the bauble back together. This may take a few attempts, to ensure that none of the paper or tinsel hangs out or obstructs your instax print, but we know you’ll be pleased with the results! Once slotted together, thread some festive string through the whole in the top. Check the string length for hanging and once you’ve got your desired length tie a knot.


What you’ll need:
-Festive string
-Hole punch, or needle
-instax prints

If you don’t fancy trapping your instax prints in baubles then why not simply let them hang free? Using the instax SHARE app, print your favourite pictures upside down so that the wider white area is at the top of your image. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the widest part, or if you’d prefer a smaller hole, carefully use a needle. Thread through your string, tie a knot then get decorating. We definitely recommend this idea for your office Christmas tree, especially if you have shots from any Christmas jumper days!


Who says you’re too old for a stocking? Not us! These personalised stockings can make a great gift bag alternative or make yourself one (and hope it gets filled!).

What you’ll need:
-Christmas stocking
-Glue gun or craft glue
-Crafty extras of your choice

Print off your instax pictures of yourself if the stocking’s for you, the person you’re gifting it to or a festive themed image.

Place your pictures on the stocking to lay out the design – we advise doing this before you glue anything down so you can see what everything looks like. Arrange your crafty bits and then when you’re happy with your layout, get gluing! Take care as glue guns get hot. Make sure to let your design dry before you fill or hang your stocking.


Get inventive with a DIY advent calendar, with a surprise new instax print for every day!

What you’ll need:
-25 instax prints
-A 40x60cm corkboard
-Festive paper
-Plain stickers
-Metallic pen
-Glue or sticky tape

To make the doors for your calendar, on your festive paper draw around one of your instax prints 25 times – or measure out 25 doors of 8.8×5.8cm – and cut them out. You could use several festive papers for variety. On each door write a number from 1 to 25 or use stickers.

On your board, in portrait orientation, measure out five rows by five columns evenly to fit you 25 instax prints. Remember to include room for the pegs. Draw on the edge of the cork board so you know where to hang your string. Cut five pieces of string, each about 50cm or longer (this will give you enough to secure it on the back of the board). Using your drawn lines as a guide, wrap each piece of string across the board. Secure them at the back of the board with glue or tape.

Place one ‘door’ on top of an instax print and attach it to your board using a peg. Add all your prints and doors until your calendar is complete. If you’re still feeling creative you could decorate the edges of your board with ribbon.

And if you want to make a smaller advent calendar, you could always make one for the final 12 days leading up to Christmas!

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